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Single Zone Mini-Splits: Remodels, Additions & More

By the modular nature of its design, a Mini-Split system is ideal for heating and cooling just one area of the home—whether it be a new addition, garage, basement or a room not being adequately served by your existing HVAC systems.  (Everyone has at least one!) 

Can I Add a Heat Pump to an Existing Ducted Heating and Cooling System? 

While it is possible to attain the benefits of zone heating by adding a heat pump to an existing system, there are some significant drawbacks to consider: 

  • The existing system is only as good as its weakest part – if the system is old or in poor condition, it may be unwise to invest further in it.  Any savings from an add-on heat pump will be erased if the ductwork or furnace needs to be replaced anytime soon. 
  • Air quality – even well maintained systems have reduced air quality over time due to accumulation of dust or contagions in ductwork