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How Ductless Heating & Cooling Reduces Energy Costs

Ductless heating and cooling systems (also called “mini-split systems”) are known for their energy efficiency.  Here’s why: 

  • Engineering Efficiency.  Ductless systems use electricity to move heat from inside to outside (in summer) and from outside to inside (in winter).  This uses less energy than traditional furnaces or boilers, which create heat. 
  • Power Efficiency.  The system is powered by solar or electricity, which is cheaper than fossil fuel alternatives, such as heating oil. 
  • Maintenance Efficiency.  Mini-split systems are made up of only a small number of components and require very little ongoing maintenance—mainly, an annual filter cleaning. 

These efficiencies add up to lower monthly fuel bills—as much as 40%.  To calculate your potential savings, consult these useful resources: 

What about up-front costs?  Mini-split systems may cost more up front than alternatives, but this initial cost is heavily subsidized by the federal government and local utilities.  Read more here. m

We Know How

A well sealed home can make mini-split systems even more efficient.  RYCOR is certified to provide home energy audits and fortify insulation where needed.  Like heat pumps, insulation projects may also qualify for significant subsidies.