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A ductless mini-split comes with clean-energy rebates and tax credits—plus year-round efficiency savings.

Reduced energy costs in thousands of homes

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5-Step Process from Start to Finish

The Northeast's Leader in Clean, Efficient Heat Pump Technology

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Heat pumps transfer energy versus manufacturing energy by burning fossil fuels or natural gas. Our no-obligation home assessment will calculate energy savings and provide information on applicable utility rebates and tax credits.

Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor

RYCOR is among a select group of Mitsubishi Diamond Elite partners—the highest rank available.  Only Diamond Elite partners are entitled to offer a 12-year warranty on parts. 

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Mini-Split? Heat Pump? Ductless HVAC?

A heat pump is a year-round, clean-energy way to heat and cool your home.  In the winter, it extracts heat from the outside air to warm the inside; in the summer, it extracts heat from inside to keep the home cool.  RYCOR’s heat pump system is known as a mini-split, meaning it works without ducts, delivering heating and cooling from an outdoor compressor to whisper-quiet indoor air handling units. These can be installed throughout the house or only in specific areas or rooms—such as an extension or basement.

Protect the Environment, Save on Expenses:

Unlike traditional systems reliant on fossil fuels, our electric-powered heat pumps promise a cleaner, greener solution for your home. Our experts help you achieve maximum energy savings through a detailed home assessment, including suggestions for home sealing and the most efficient way to deploy a heat pump.

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