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Navigating The Rebate Maze

Local Utilities Offer Generous Rebates to Mini-Split Buyers.  Why? 

  • To promote energy efficiency:  Heat pumps are a cleaner and more efficient form of heating and cooling.  Utilities are encouraging customers to adopt more energy-efficient technology and reduce strain on the electrical grid. 
  • To manage electrical loads:  Utilities can mitigate the need for additional power generation and/or infrastructure during peak periods by encouraging wider spread use of mini-splits with high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER). 
  • To comply with local regulations:  Utilities are often required to encourage use of clean energy—and rebates are a simple way for them to comply. 

How Are Rebates Calculated? 

It’s complicated.  First, the project must qualify for rebates.  Some gating requirements may include: 

  • Installation by a licensed contractor 
  • Use of equipment certified by the independent Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) 
  • Replacing an existing oil or propane system 

Some utilities may also require the homeowner to perform a pre-installation energy audit and—in some cases—to mitigate issues found in the audit, such as poor insulation.  Others may require new control systems if any pre-existing oil or natural gas systems are going to be left in place. 

To make matters more complicated, utilities use different formulas to calculate the amount of rebate, including: 

  • A limit on the total percentage of project costs qualified for a rebate 
  • A cap on total rebates 
  • Bonus rebates for greater energy savings, such as decommissioning of alternative systems or use of integrated controls 
  • Amount tied to BTUH of heating capacity to be implemented  

Importantly, some of the factors affecting the level of rebate are tied to the design of the system and therefore within a homeowner’s control.

We Know How

RYCOR customers don’t have to be experts in rebates, because we are. 

RYCOR is 100% specialized in ductless heating and cooling and has helped thousands of homeowners maximize rebates through efficient system design and in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of each utility’s program.   You don’t have to worry about leaving hard-earned money on the table. 

We handle all the paperwork and front the full value of the rebate on your invoice.