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Are Mini-Splits For Heating or Cooling?

Are Mini-Splits used for heating or for cooling?  The answer is both! 

While many people are familiar with Mini-Splits for air conditioning, the same system can also provide heating. 

How It Works: 

Air conditioning units draw heat from inside to provide cooling.  Heating works the same way but in the opposite direction: heat is extracted from the outside air to keep the inside warm.   

Thus, installing a Mini-Split for air conditioning gives homeowners a fuel-efficient form of heating, too.  And, because Mini-Splits are heavily subsidized by local utilities, the up-front cost of the system may be lower than other options. 

Mini-Splits Have a Range of Other Advantages: 

  • Ease of installation 
  • Lower running costs 
  • Minimal maintenance 
  • Flexibility in zoning 
  • Pure air 
  • Whisper-quiet operation 
  • Immediate start up 

We Know How

To see how these features could work for your home or project, consider an in-home consultation.  You’ll get suggestions for the equipment and configuration to best suit your needs and a to-the-penny calculation of applicable credits and rebates.