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How To Put An End To “Thermostat Wars” in Your Home

According to Mitsubishi, 71% of homeowners suffer from “thermostat wars” in their home. That’s because, when it comes to room temperature, we all have our own comfort zone.

Mini-Splits make it easy to separately control temperature in different rooms or zones of the house.

Can Other Heating Systems Provide Zone Heat? 

Zoned heat capabilities can be retrofitted into conventional HVAC systems—but it comes at a cost.    

Retrofitting a zoned heat system often requires modifications to ductwork to accommodate dampers and additional thermostats.  The system will also require the addition of a centralized control panel.  If the system is nearing end of life, you should also consider whether the short-term savings will be worth the higher replacement cost. 

Mini-Splits are simpler to install and offer zone control by default.  The up-front cost is also heavily subsidized by tax credits and rebates.  

We Know How

RYCOR’s unique approach to the design of ductless heating and cooling systems gives its customers the most robust zoned heating solution possible. 

RYCOR pairs each interior Mini-Split with a single-head exterior compressor, versus tying a number of interior mini-splits to a multi-head exterior compressor.  This offers: 

  • Greater redundancy.
  • More energy-efficient operations.
  • The purest and most efficient form of zoned heating and cooling control, made possible by the completely autonomous operation of each exterior compressor.  While the output of each Mini-Split in a multi-head arrangement can be turned up, down or powered off entirely, its corresponding head is never completely shut down resulting in energy inefficiency.
  • More rebates.  Rebates are based on the BTUs of a ductless system—due to greater surface area, single head units generate more BTUs and therefore qualify for more rebates.