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Why Mini-Splits are the Money-Smart AC Solution

Discover 5 surprising facts about ductless AC systems that may change the way you think about cooling your home.

1. More Efficient  

Since mini-splits are ductless, they do not suffer from energy loss like central forced air systems.  According to the Department of Energy, duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for air conditioning.

2. Two-In-One

Mini-splits both cool and heat—so when you buy ductless AC you are getting ductless heating for the same price.

3. Rebates

Local utilities offer substantial rebates for heat pumps – the technology that drives a mini-split.  These rebates will substantially reduce your up-front costs.

4. Winter-Time Savings

Ductless heating can reduce your winter energy bills by 25% or more.  And it’s whisper quiet!

5. Done-By-Dinner Gurantee

The experts at Rycor can install your clean-energy, whisper-quiet AC and heating system quickly and efficiently.  If we’re not done by dinner, dinner is on us.

With A Heat Pump, Heating is Just Air Conditioning in Reverse

During the summer, a heat pump extracts hot air from inside your home to the outside.  Heating works the same way, but in reverse—extracting heat from outside air (yes, there’s heat outside even in winter) and delivering it to the inside.  Since a heat pump is just moving heat versus manufacturing it by burning fossil fuels, it is more energy-efficient and better for the environment.