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Skilled Labor Series: HVAC and Heat Pumps With Scott Arnold

Today’s guest is Scott Arnold, a HVAC technician and small business owner based out of New York.

With heating and cooling accounting for nearly 50% of energy costs, upgrading outdated appliances can not only save homeowners money but also provide a cleaner environment to live in and a healthier planet overall. Scott’s company is working to help customers purchase and install heat pumps as an alternative to gas furnaces. In his 22+ years of experience working in the space, Scott has built a business facilitating the transition not only with his customers, but also through his employee training and apprenticeship programs.

In this episode, Scott and Yin talk about the history of heating, what it takes to make his business run, the importance of getting more young people working in the trades, and how in his vocabulary the word cold doesn’t exist. You’ll have to keep listening to find out why.

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