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New York Heat Pump Rebates

NYSERDA Clean Heat Program

RYCOR is proud to be a participating contractor in the NYS Clean Heat Program, an initiative aimed at promoting advanced heating and air conditioning systems across New York State. Through this program, residents, small businesses, and building owners have access to rebates for installing heat pumps. These rebates significantly reduce the cost of upgrading to more efficient HVAC systems. To qualify for rebates, your air source heat pump equipment must be installed by participating contractor, and you must be an active electric utility customer.

New York Rebates

NYS Clean Heat Programs

New York and energy companies are offering rebates to lower your bills and stay comfortable year-round

Whole Home Rebate

$1000 per 10,000 BTUH for full load heating per 10,000 BTUH of maximum heating capacity at NEEP 5F

Additional Rebates

Bonus rebate for decommissioning existing fossil fuel systems, requiring removal, and capping off fuel sources.

Eligibility Requirements

Permits, Paperwork, Rebates - We handle It All

  • Must be installed by participating contractor
  • Must be a residential customer of participating utility
  • Must include copy of “ACCA approved version 8 Manual J” Load Calculation
  • Proof of purchase required
Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits

Formerly known as the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credit, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) tax credits offer further opportunities to save on qualifying home upgrades.

Heat Pumps and Ductless Mini Splits: Up to $2,000 annual limit.

Don't miss out on these valuable rebates! 

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Maximize Your Savings with RYCOR

Make the smart choice for your home by transitioning to our Mitsubishi Electric Mini-Splits. We specialize in helping you qualify for rebate programs, ensuring upfront application for immediate savings. With our energy-efficient solutions, not only will you enjoy lower utility bills, but our experienced team will also provide personalized guidance throughout the process. Don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries—we're here to make your switch hassle-free and rewarding!