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Homeowner Success Story

Justin Wadsworth, along with his wife and two children, moved into their new home in New Paltz, New York in June 2022. A self-described “IT guy” with a passion for innovation, living in a home with sustainable, energy-efficient systems has long been his goal. After moving in, one of his first to-dos was decommissioning the home’s existing oil boiler and centralized ducted HVAC system and upgrading to an all-electric, variable capacity heat pump system from Mitsubishi Electric.

Installation of the ductless heat pump system, featuring seven wall-mounted indoor units paired 1:1 with outdoor units, was completed by RYCOR HVAC in September 2022. Immediately, Justin and his family began enjoying the benefits of superior comfort and reliable performance. After only a few months of use, Justin could easily see how well his heat pump system outperformed the conventional, centralized system. His average monthly electric usage and costs were both down 55 percent.

Even after going all-electric, the Wadsworth home can use less energy from the electric grid thanks in large part to the 29-panel SunPower Equinox® System solar array. Another contributing factor is the INVERTER-driven compressor technology used in the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump system, which only uses the precise amount of energy needed to reach and maintain a set point temperature. So far, the numbers speak for themselves – Justin’s pursuit of an innovative and energy-efficient system has paid off.

During the cold New York winters, the Wadsworths also benefit from Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) compressor technology. This innovation allows their system to perform at 100 percent of rated capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as -5° F with guaranteed operation down to -13° F. The family enjoys reliable, year-round comfort, on top of their impressive energy savings.


  • All-electric heating and air conditioning reduces the home’s carbon footprint
  • Seven individually controlled comfort zones
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Advanced air filtration leads to improved indoor air quality
  • INVERTER-driven compressors minimize electrical usage
  • Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) compressors enhance cold climate performance

Project Details:

  • Completed: September 2022
  • Climate: Cool/Humid; Zone 6A
  • Footprint:

    • Two-story, contemporary colonial-style home
    • 3,761 square feet
    • 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
    • 29-panel solar array

Project Partners:

  • Distributor: Meier Supply (Middletown, NY)
  • HVAC Contractor: RYCOR HVAC (New Paltz, NY)

Equipment Installed:

  • (7) MUZ-FS Outdoor Units
  • (7) MSZ-FS Wall-mounted Indoor Units