The Perfect Combo For Surviving COVID-19

A woman holding her mask away from her nose and mouth, taking a deep breath of clean air.

With the increasing spread of the novel Coronavirus in many countries, Rycor is back once again with a solution to keep you and your house safe. We are talking about the brand new Activepure add-on that Rycor is introducing. These add-on units are carrying the same technology used in the International Space Station. Rycor sells it in two forms: pre-attached to the ductless mini-split unit or a separate part you can connect to your already installed unit. This article will tell you all you need to know about Activepure and why you need to connect it to your mini-split.

What is Activepure technology:

Activepure technology was developed with NASA, specifically, so the International Space Station can use it. It was created to eradicate contaminants from the air and the surface. Furthermore, it is considered safe for all living things because it does not leave any byproducts.

As a result of its oxidizers being 99.98% efficient, the Certified Space Technology seal was awarded to it by the Space Foundation. You will begin seeing this technology in houses, schools, offices, hospitals, etc.

Activepure Technology and COVID-19:

Activepure technology has also been tested to see its effect on the novel coronavirus. This testing was done by the University of Texas Medical Branch, one of the top biosafety testing labs. The live virus was used in the testing instead of a dead strain.

Notably, in the testing, the products with this technology installed had a kill rate of over 99.98%. Moreover, the time of killing the airborne virus was three minutes.

Activepure filters remove germs, dust particles, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants and are safe to use in closed spaces. As a result, installing it onto your ductless system in your houses during lockdown would be highly advantageous. It also works quietly, meaning there is no background noise to disturb you.

The Working of Activepure Technology:

The ductless mini-split system already removes the majority of contaminants present in the air. With the add on of Activepure, the working and function become much more efficient, giving you more protection from COVID-19.

The principle working uses a catalytic process. The Activepure technology has a honeycomb-shaped array in it. This array pulls oxygen and water molecules from the air. These are used to create powerful and odorless oxidizers, called Activepure Molecules. As a result, all this is done without you having the slightest clue or disturbance.

Then, these oxidizers are released into the air. They destroy the viruses and other contaminants present in the air and on different surfaces. They do this by piercing through the virus’s shell and killing it from the inside. As a result, the virus is unable to cause any harm or reproduce. These viruses can include coronavirus, swine flu, hepatitis A, and so on.

The law of diffusion states that particles tend to move from a region of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. Activepure technology uses this phenomenon to drive its oxidizers to go into every corner. It takes an ‘active’ approach, unlike other technologies. You can say that by having the Activepure hood add on installed to your ductless mini-split, you are surrounded by an air-filled with anti-viruses 24/7.

Joe Urso, the CEO of Activepure Technologies, LLC., labeled it as a ‘Personal Protective Equipment.’ The system’s enhanced function makes it a must-have for everyone in a difficult time of the COVID-19.

Benefits of Activepure Technology:

Now that you are familiar with what Activepure is and how it works let us look at the benefits of installing this hood on your ductless mini-split system.

  • It opts for an ‘active’ approach and not a passive one. The molecules released by the unit destroy contaminants wherever they encounter them, unlike other technologies that capture the bacteria and bring it back to be destroyed. This approach makes your room safer in a shorter period.
  • As discussed above, the technology’s efficiency rate reducing the contaminants from air and surface is 99.98%, which is almost ideal. This high rate gives you the perfect protection.
  • The working rate is unbelievably fast. It takes only three minutes to destroy the pollutants. So you don’t have to worry about any virus, let alone the coronavirus staying in your surrounding for much longer.
  • The oxidizers travel to every nook and cranny -on the surface and in the air, leaving no place unprotected and contaminated.
  • The system works continuously, so there is no worry about being at risk at any second of the day.
  • The add-on is reasonably priced and hence, a painless buy. It is also easily installable.
  • The unit also works quietly and hence, doesn’t disturb you as you do your work.
  • There are no chemicals used by the system or present in the air it cleans. The oxidizers are made from oxygen and water molecules present in the surroundings, which are natural and safe. This makes the unit easy to use in closed spaces.
  • The working of the Activepure also protects your mini-splits filters from dust buildup. The system gets rid of all the dust before it can come near your ductless unit.
  • Health hazards like asthma, allergies, etc., are significantly reduced as all dust particles, viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds are removed from the surrounding air.


As you can see, Activepure Technology is leading the chart when you talk about contamination filters. It has been developed with NASA and used in the International Space Station. It has also been tested in leading laboratories. All of this leaves no doubt that it is the best form of protection from COVID-19. Furthermore, it is usable in every place. The functioning of it is simple, and its benefits are countless. Therefore, we urge you to get yourself the add on of Activepure Technology for your Mitsubishi ductless mini-split as fast as you can. The combined action of these will eradicate all traces of the coronavirus from your homes, schools, and offices, i.e., they are the perfect combo you need for surviving COVID-19.