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Ductless Heating and Cooling Can Save Money and Energy if Done Right

Whether remodeling or simply as an upgrade to a more comfortable, cost efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling system, homeowners everywhere are turning to ductless mini-split systems. 

One of the main reasons is that these systems don’t require ductwork, saving both money and hassle during installation. Mini-splits offer efficient heating and cooling tailored to individual preferences, making them a smart choice for comfort, cost savings and eco-friendly living while maintaining the highest air quality.

But did you know that when it comes to installation not all companies are alike? How your mini-split is connected to a heat pump makes a difference. Here’s why:

How mini-splits help

When it comes to keeping our homes comfy, we often find ourselves in a constant battle over the thermostat. Did you know that a whopping 71% of homeowners argue over the temperature? This ongoing struggle can cause plenty of unnecessary household tension.

Mini-splits are a game-changer in controlling home climate. They let us set different temperatures for each room, unlike traditional HVAC systems. This means personalized comfort without sacrificing energy efficiency or spending a fortune.

These systems have two main parts: the indoor mini-split for heating and cooling specific areas, and the outdoor heat pump that pulls in or releases heat from the air. Together, they create a green and budget-friendly way to control your home’s climate.

In Massachusetts, Rycor is a top choice for mini-splits, with over 20 years of experience installing cutting-edge Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini-Split Systems. Their quick and clean installation has helped many homeowners strike the perfect balance between cozy living and energy savings.


Innovative approach to efficiency

One of the things Rycor figured out early on is that using single-split systems is much more efficient than having multiple mini-splits connected to one big unit.

Rycor’s engineers realized that the size of the part that takes in or releases heat is important for how well the entire system works.

The experts at Rycor discovered that it’s best to have one heat pump for each mini-split instead of having one big heat pump feeding several mini-splits inside a home.

The numbers show that two single heat pumps are 25% better at using energy than one big dual-head heat pump. This not only means you save on electricity but also help the environment. Plus, when you turn off a mini-split, its heat pump also shuts down, which doesn’t happen with a big unit connected to multiple mini-splits — it keeps running, consuming energy and your hard-earned dollars.

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Mini-splits are affordable

Mini-split systems, known for their ductless heating and cooling, grab heat from the air. This method is cheaper and cleaner than burning propane or gas. What’s more, the federal government and local utilities offer rebates and other incentives that can help cover the initial costs of setting up a ductless heating system.


Mini-splits may be small, but they bring big advantages to homeowners when it comes to saving energy, cutting costs and keeping things running smoothly. Unlike furnaces or boilers that burn fuel, mini-splits use electricity to move heat around, resulting in less energy use. This efficiency shows up as savings on your energy bills each month. Mini-splits also are easier to take care of since they have a simpler design – most homeowners need to clean the filters just once a year.

When you compare the cost of installing mini-splits to adding zoned heating to regular HVAC systems, mini-splits win hands down. Retrofitting traditional systems can be expensive, involving costly changes to ducts, extra thermostats and complex control panels. Mini-splits come with zone control built-in, making them easier to set up and manage. Plus, you can get those tax credits and rebates for installing mini-splits, which can add up — saving you money upfront.

There’s a reason mini-split systems are today’s modern and efficient answer to the longstanding issues of home comfort. With their advanced features, it’s important to find an installation partner that understands how they work and maximize their impact in your home and your wallet.

Connect with an expert at Rycor today and find out more about their innovative approaches to heating and cooling. Schedule an appointment online or call 508-406-7004.