Heating and cooling is one of your biggest investments—both up front and over time. But with a ductless mini-split you get both functions in one unit. Mini-splits run on an ultra-efficient heat pump that pumps heat out of your house in summer, and into it in winter.

And you can save big on a mini-split with rebates and tax credits. That’s what we call BOGO+

Why Homeowners in Rochester are Switching to Mini-Splits

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Did you know 30 percent of your cooling budget goes right “down the duct”? That’s cold air that never even makes it to your living space. 
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RYCOR’s specialist team is passionate about “electrifying” our communities with clean, green and economical heat pumps.

How Mini-Splits Work

Heat pumps work by transferring heat from outside to inside in the winter, and from inside to outside in the summer.  Heat pumps do not burn fossil fuels to manufacture heat, and they run on lower-cost electricity.